Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween ! ! !

I know it is a bit early for a Halloween post, but I was so excited to see that Westport will once again have the wonderfully amazing Festival of Pumpkins.  This is such a fantastic evening, that I must post about it.

The photo on the right shows just a fraction of the over 2,000 pumpkins
that were carved by various Westportians for the 2010 Festival of Pumpkins.

This photo is one of my favs, as it really lit up a little tree next to our library.       

Please try to find your way to Westport on Halloween, you won't be disappointed!  Sponsored by  Jake by The Lake and Cottage Coffee to support The Children's Wish Foundation, this event will delight kids of all ages.  

See You There! ! !                                          
This photo is from last year's festival.        

 It was called The Fate of Dorian Pumpkin, done by Artemisia Art Gallery.