Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Season at Artemisia

Christmas has long gone and the new year is well underway. I regret that I have had so much
trouble keeping this blog up to date, but I resolve to do better now that spring is here and
there is much to say.

We are delighted to welcome back our returning artists -- Stephen Rothwell, Stuart Arnett, Jane
Thelwell, Gera Chandler, Tina Holden, Bill Neddow, Valerie Gujban, Gary Webster, Colin Hamer,
Ann Gruchy, Heather Assaf, Antony Powell, Patrick Skidd, Abigail Connell, Brian Swain, and
Steven Boyd.

To our new artists -- Miranda Scott, Dawn Burnham, Denis Larouche, Shirley Mancino, and
Stefan Duerst -- a very warm welcome.

As soon as my camera is all charged up you will be able to see works by all these artists.

Please also go to our Bottles of Hope blog for all the latest news on our campaign to donate
1,000 Bottles created by folks in the Westport/Perth area to our regional cancer centers.
We had the very good fortune to have a colleague from Montreal, Louise Gagne, donate over 100
Bottles made by her clay groups there. Many many thanks, Louise! ! ! see her photos on
our BOH blog also.

I want especially to thank our artist Gera Scott Chandler for her support of our gallery. Here
from BC on a visit and for attending MPCG, Gera posted this delightful story of Artemisia.
Please go and have a look! Thanks.