Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer is in full swing here at Artemisia.....

Even though the days are flying by, summer events are ongoing here at Artemisia.

First of all, to all of you who missed the concert by Valery, you surely missed a great
afternoon of wonderful piano music. Valery is such a talented pianist and such an
amazing performer, we are delighted that the afternoon was such a success.
I am posting here a short video of a very small but delightful part of the afternoon.

That was a small segment of a piece called Run-Run by O. Pinto, something we here
at Artemisia know how to do very well!!!

Here is another wonderful piece -- Nola, which I lovingly dedicate to Margaret. I hope
you are listening, 'mum'. (sorry about this, I must learn how to make it a bit smaller in order to upload it.)

And a very very special thanks to Valery Lloyd-Watts for sharing her passionate love of music with and for us.

We have also had several of our artists spend the day with us... very successfully I might
add. Shirley White, Shaun Seaman, Barbara Lukas and Stephen Rothwell have all delighted
the town with demonstrations of their working with their brushes, fabrics and paints.
More to come, so come on by and watch stained glass work, painting, and more. Scroll down for the artists and dates they will be with us.

Check out our new blog, for features on all of our artists.