Saturday, February 14, 2009

Artemisia Owners Business Women of the Year in Westport

I am proud and happy to announce that we won the title and I especially want to thank all our customers and artists for their votes!

Yesterday we did the interview for the story. The reporter, Laura, from the Ottawa Media Group, representing the Perth Courier and their adjunct newspapers, took a number of photos, but the favorite seemed to be one with moxie!

Three moxies, that is, delightful little sculptures by our artist Gera Scott Chandler. Gera is a polymer clay artist whose whimsical and wonderful work is available at the Gallery.

Come back again soon to see some photos and to read more in the ongoing story, as CTV's Kathie Donovan has agreed to have us on Regional Contact as three artist entrepreneurs! Date of airing will be here when we find out when that will be.