Monday, July 7, 2008


We are now in our third week -- my goodness how the days fly! and i want to add our grateful thanks to margaret marcellus and cathy and bob goldsmith for their wonderful gifts for our opening.

here we have set out some of the paintings to begin to set them up for display. it is an amazingly difficult job to find just the right paintings to put together into a grouping that is neither too crowded nor to sparse.

so, we laid some out on the floor to get an idea of how to hang them on the wall.

we also have fiber art and handcrafted games and chess sets, beautifully crafted handbags and porcelain items among our works of art.


many hours after starting to hang the paintings and display the various works, we were satisfied with our work.

here you see works by stephen rothwell, mary chaikowsky, martina field, shirley white, guy cranston and sharon fox-cranston.

and here is the other side of our bright and lovely space.
here you can see our fiber art by beth abbott, and margot rothwell. paintings by donna larocque, bonnie mclean and julie druker hang neatly beside
the works of isadora spielman, georgia ferrell, david zimmerly and gary webster.

here is work by more of our fine artists including
marty humphrey.

we also have fine lampworked jewelry by anne brandly, poetry books by anders carson, gourd art by dianne kempster, paintings by robert keim

We now have our art services underway as well, with art conservation by bonnie and wonderful signs by our graphic artist, donna. georgia is in the process of setting up a framing service as well.

A few weeks before we opened, i was visiting my friend valery and with her granddaughter michelle we were trying to think of titles for our various services. i am happy to say that michelle's offering of ARTY PARTY will be used for all our children's programs. thanks, michelle!!!!!

Soon we will also be offering classes and workshops for all ages and all levels. we also hope to have meet our artists special days and evenings, along with poetry readings, music hours and films.