Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to Artemisia

34 A Main Street
Westport, Ontario, Canada
K0G 1X0

Bonnie, Donna and I welcome you to our new gallery and art services location in Westport, Ontario.

In our gallery we will exhibit and sell works of art and fine craft by local artists; as well,
we will be providing a variety of art services, including graphic and commercial art, art conservation, workshops and classes, and in the future framing and art supplies.

We are looking forward to serving our community and the world, and will have a website up soon. We hope you will come and visit our lovely new shop soon!

We will be officially open for business on June 21, 2008.


L. Turner said...

I visited Westport on Monday and peeked into your gallery though it was closed. The art is breathtaking. I would be interested in sending you some photos of my acrylic on canvas paintings. I mainly paint horses and other animals. I also have a blog, if that would help. Look forward to visiting the gallery on a day it is open, I know mondays are a slow day for most businesses this time of year. Hope to see you soon. Linda Turner

georgia said...

hi linda

sorry to have been so very very long in acknowledging your comment.

please do send a few photos and a short bio to us at

we jury in april for the following year. but we keep all photos and bios on file.